Are Your Oral Care Products Working Against Each Other?

Are Your Oral Care Products Working Against Each Other?

Did you know fluoride is the last major FDA-approved anti-cavity ingredient introduced to the market? That means it’s been more than half a century since the last oral care innovation (though that’s changing soon). And while fluoride is effective when used with the right products, it is NOT effective when paired with mouth care products that negate all of its efforts. Plus, contrary to what you’re advertised, not everyone needs this ingredient. Your oral care products
and ingredients should be customized to your family’s needs, and they should work as a unified system to accomplish oral health goals. Unfortunately, many oral care manufacturers skip the working in unity part, and stick to treating only the teeth with their products rather than the whole mouth.

Think about your morning routine. Many of us wake up, drink a cup of acidic coffee or juice, slather our teeth in conventional toothpaste, and go about our day. After lunch, we swish burning electric blue mouthwash in our mouths to kill off bad breath. In the evening, we might floss (sometimes) and do another round of minty toothpaste. In a single day, we have eroded our enamel with acidic foods and decimated our oral microbiome. We’ve created the perfect environment for tooth decay and potential disease. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

With SuperMouth™, your daily morning and evening routine could look like this:

  1. Before you eat breakfast or drink a cup of coffee, carry out your mouth care routine. SuperMouth’s mouthpaste, mouthwash, and floss all contain nanohydroxyapatite, an enamel-building ingredient that buffers teeth from harmful bacteria. By using mouthwash, flossing, and using toothpaste right away (especially SuperMouth’s), you apply a protective barrier in your mouth from the acidity that is shortly to take place.
  2. Start by swishing SuperMouth’s prebiotic mouthwash to loosen any food particles and balance the pH in the mouth. SuperMouth mouthwashes contain prebiotics and patent-pending formula Hydroxamin™, which contains nano-hydroxyapatite and vitamins K2 & D3.
  3. Next, get flossin’. Use about 18 inches of floss, gently wrap the ends around your index finger, and work the floss between the contact points of the teeth. Be sure to move the floss away from the gums with up and down motions so you’re not pushing particles into the gums further. If you want a worry-free floss session every time, SuperMouth’s floss gently expands to remove 40% more plaque than a typical floss and is coated in Hydroxamin™ to supplement hard-to-reach places on the teeth.
  4. After flossing, use a tongue cleanser to effectively remove the microbes on the tongue that can cause bad breath and interfere with taste. SuperMouth carries a tripleaction tongue cleanser that contains a super soft bristled brush that reaches into the fine crevices of the tongue, a studded scrubber that gently exfoliates the tongue, and a scraper that scoops out bad bacteria and makes room for healthy mouth microbiomes.
  5. Finally, brush your teeth with SuperMouth’s Hydroxamin™ mouthpaste. Its ingredients, nano-hydroxyapatite and vitamins K2 and D3, help remineralize teeth and protect them from acidic foods that you eat throughout the day. SuperMouth’s toothpaste also contains prebiotics to promote a healthy oral microbiome by feeding the good bacteria and starving the bad ones. If you’re using a fluoride-based toothpaste (SuperMouth offers one of those too), be sure to avoid products whose ingredients list calcium that is not hydroxyapatite. Other calcium sources work against the fluoride —essentially canceling out its anti-cavity benefits as opposed to helping it.

If you want to remove the extra effort on your part, let SuperMouth do the heavy lifting for you. In fact, you don’t even need to leave the house. Our customized mouth care systems are delivered right to your door every couple of months and contain oral care products catered specifically to your family’s needs. Each dentist-approved and medically-backed product and ingredient that you use are specially curated for your oral health concerns and collaborate with our other products to create a healthy mouth and a united front against disease.

We’re transforming oral care into mouthcare by making it S.U.P.E.R.