Set Kids Up for Success with Super MouthCare

Set Kids Up for Success with Super MouthCare

Real talk: Every good parent tries and wants the very best for their kids, especially when it comes to their health. Unfortunately, the number one disease affecting the globe — and the number one chronic disease for kids — is oral disease (specifically cavity-causing dental carries for the kiddos). And this comes with a mouthful of problems. You may want to sit down for this one.

Childhood tooth decay is four times more common than early childhood obesity, five times more common than asthma, and 20 times more common than diabetes. In fact, by the time American kids reach kindergarten, more than half have dental decay, and 20% are not treated for it. And the problem with oral disease extends beyond physical discomfort and increased risk for heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. It significantly affects their mental health and emotional wellbeing at a crucial time of self-discovery in kids’ lives. Children with bad oral health are more likely to experience bullying and depression and perform lower in school.

But do not despair, parents. SuperMouth covers all of the bases for preventing oral disease and getting kids excited to take care of their mouths. It starts with our toothy-trifecta:

  1. The star of the show is our custom MouthCare Systems. These one-stop shops were created by dentists and medical experts and are conveniently delivered to your front door every 3-6 months. They contain everything your child needs to achieve excellent oral health, including mouthbrushes, floss/flossers, pH-balancing mouthpaste and mouthwash, and prebiotic sprays to fight bad bacteria between meals.
  2. We provide educational tools that keep you and your family in the oral health know. These resources range everywhere from quick-read articles and how-to videos to ebooks and podcast interviews with experts in the oral health space.
  3. Motivating kids to take care of their mouths is half the battle, so we make it fun with Entertainment. Our superhero squad, The Super Dentists, play games and go on epic augmented reality adventures with kids while they brush. They also appear in fun, live-action movies that motivate kids to fight mouth villains.
Now that you know how we help create healthier, happier, successful kids, let’s cover some of the mouth basics every parent should know.

    Mouth Microbiomes - What Are They and Why Do They Matter?

    Our mouths play host to billions of bacteria — both good and bad. Like anything in life, you need a balance between the two. When the good and (potentially) bad microbes work together in harmony, these little organisms help the body absorb key nutrients and boost immunity from more serious health concerns like heart disease.

    When kids avoid basic mouth care and constantly eat and drink foods and beverages that are sugary and acidic, it disrupts this ecosystem and drops the pH balance of their mouths. This creates a perfect environment for bad bacteria to thrive and weasel its way into the rest of the body. We want their mouths neutral, so the microbes can help overall health rather than hurt it. That’s why the products we use matter. Parents should avoid products that wipe out the microbiomes indiscriminately, think antibacterial properties and alcohol-based.

    The Anatomy of the Tooth

    Let’s take our exploration of the mouth one step further. We won’t bore you with a full-blown anatomy class (just a mini one), but understanding these three major players in a tooth’s structure can help you protect your kids’ overall health.

    Enamel - This is what you see when someone flashes you their pearly whites. It is the thin layer on the outside of the tooth, and it is made up almost entirely of hydroxyapatite, a calcium phosphate mineral found naturally in teeth and bones. Enamel constantly undergoes demineralization (losing minerals) and remineralization (gaining minerals) cycles throughout the day via our saliva, and what we eat or drink affects this natural process. Highly acidic mouths favor bad bacteria and, in turn, demineralize the teeth. Healthy mouths keep this balance in check and ensure teeth are remineralized after each meal. Diet also plays a key role in your child’s enamel strength. Make sure your child eats foods with plenty of vitamins D and K2, as these health essentials have a synergistic relationship. Vitamin D helps teeth and bones absorb calcium, while K2 helps activate the teeth–strengthening proteins. Without these two, calcium cannot deposit into the teeth and bones, and we’ve seen enough “Got Milk” ads to know that a lack of calcium leads to bad health news.

    Dentin - Dentin is the layer beneath the enamel. It has a team of cells that help protect the pulp from bad microbes and repair any damage.

    Pulp - The pulp is the third, innermost layer. It supplies the blood and the nervous system that the teeth need for growth and maintenance. So, if bad bacteria finds its way to this layer and hitches a ride in the blood, you could be looking at more serious health issues.

    See, that mouth anatomy lesson wasn’t so bad, was it?

    Mouth Milestones

    Now that you have a good understanding of how your baby’s mouth operates, ensuring your youngster has excellent oral health starts with keeping track of major mouth milestones. We’ve outlined the most important in the early stages of life here:

    The Mouth Magic Doesn’t Stop Here

    Check back regularly as we examine each of these milestones with specific tools and provide ways to make sure kids have super healthy mouths.