Are Your Oral Care Products Actually Working?

Are Your Oral Care Products Actually Working?

Shockingly, despite a $40 billion oral care market, and all the advancements in other areas of medicine, science and technology, the prevalence of cavities, root decay, and gum disease has actually increased during the last 30 years. So, what’s not working? 

Well, many oral care products on the market are only partially effective or even completely ineffective. For example, many of the so-called "natural" toothpastes or mouthwashes don't have any ingredients that protect the mouth, while including antibacterial ingredients — such as potent essential oils — that can destroy the delicate balance of your oral microbiome and actually increase the risk of oral disease. To make things worse, many oral care products are actually acidic to extend shelf life — which is no bueno for the pH balance of the mouth. Unfortunately, an acidic environment allows harmful bacteria to multiply and potentially wreak havoc on the rest of the body. Oral care products need to be pH balanced or alkalizing to foster the good bacteria which help protect the mouth. That's where SuperMouth® comes in.

When it comes to selecting the best oral care products, SuperMouth has a few tips:

Consider Hydroxyapatite 

Hydroxyapatite is a calcium mineral naturally present in your teeth and bones (yay, science). In fact, 97% of your enamel is hydroxyapatite. When used in oral care products like SuperMouth's, this rockstar ingredient remineralizes enamel and forms a protective buffer around the teeth, reducing the risk of erosion. It is also the ideal calcium partner for fluoride, increasing its effectiveness. 

Make sure it is pH Balancing

Just about every time you snack or sip on something, the pH of saliva drops and becomes acidic for about 30–60 minutes. This vulnerable period is when enamel-eating bacteria love to strike. Keeping the mouth's pH neutral with mouthcare products like SuperMouth's can help keep harmful bacteria at bay and beneficial bacteria healthy. Just be sure to watch out for products that are acidic themselves, particularly mouthwashes, which are notoriously extremely acidic. You can check the acidic/alkaline level of your products using a pH strip or a meter.

Look for Prebiotics 

Prebiotics feed helpful bacteria, which helps maintain the oral microbiome’s health and vitality. The best prebiotics are found in nature (makes sense), and SuperMouth uses the frontrunners inulin and xylitol. Inulin is a dietary fiber found in chicory roots. Xylitol naturally occurs in fruits, vegetables, and birch tree bark. 


  • The prevalence of cavities, root decay, and gum disease has increased in the last 30 years, despite a $40 billion oral care market. 
  • Many oral care products only partially protect teeth, while some contain ingredients that can cause harm to the delicate balance of the oral microbiome. 
  • SuperMouth offers an alternative choice from what is currently on the market (conventional and natural) that is both safe and effective.
  • Consider products with hydroxyapatite to remineralize enamel and form a protective buffer around the teeth. 
  • Ensure the pH balance of the mouth is maintained by avoiding acidic oral care products. 
  • Look for prebiotic ingredients like inulin or xylitol found in nature.

Developed by a team of world-class dentists and medical experts and backed by years of rigorous scientific research, SuperMouth products are formulated to clean and protect all areas of the mouth and support the health of the oral microbiome by balancing the mouth pH and using prebiotics to feed the good bacteria. And that's not all. Because every person's oral health needs are different, SuperMouth customizes specific products for every individual based on their age and risk factors to be effective and safe.