Age-based Oral Care Systems for Your Kids’ Developing Mouths

age-appropriate toothbrushes • toothpastes • pH-balancing mouthwashes, floss products, pH-balancing mouthsprays, tongue scrapers, coordinated accessories, and more!

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how it works

There are 3 steps to how this works. Step 1 - take our mouthcare assessment by answering a few questions. Step 2 - get your customized mouthcare plan with dentist recommendations for the system that is best for you. Step 3 - let SuperMouth take care of the rest and deliver the right oral care products every 3 months

SuperMouth is the world's first dentist-invented mouthcare system designed especially for kids. Click below to learn more:

whole mouth health

Good oral health is more than a great smile and white teeth. As the gateway to the body, your kids mouthcare can impact their overall health and wellness.


More than just flossing and brushing - we're about caring for the whole mouth and have developed mouthpastes, mouthwashes, mouthsprays, mouthfloss, and more!


Kids have different oral care needs as their mouths develop. We have custom system kits based on age, risk for cavities, and personal preference.


Our subscription service delivers to your front door every three months, so you never run out and always have the right products for the right age.

fun for kids

With ice cream flavors, a superhero universe, comics, music, movies and an augmented reality app - your kids will be begging to brush.

parent resources

We've developed content, including blogs, podcasts, videos, and guides that teach you mouthcare and can help you raise happier, healthier kids.

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