tongue scrapers

Remove bad breath-causing bacteria with our tongue scrapers. Our dentist-designed tongue cleaners are engineered to scrape, exfoliate, and make room for helpful microbes that keep your tongue fresh and healthy. We make tongue scraping easy and fun!

Tongue Scrapers

tongue scrapers are designed to remove bacteria, toxins, and dead cells from
the tongue’s surface, aiding in the improvement of oral hygiene and reducing
the risk of bad breath. While tongue cleaning is crucial for oral health, it is
often overlooked. The regular use of tongue scrapers promotes a cleaner mouth
and stimulates saliva production, which is essential for neutralizing acids and
aiding digestion. Unlike regular toothbrush bristles that can’t reach down the
deep crevices of the tongue, SuperMouth’s unique design features a specialized
brush and scraper on opposite sides to accommodate various ages and tongue
sizes, ensuring comprehensive cleaning.