Adult Tongue Scraper

Adult Tongue Scraper

Our adult tongue brush is perfect for tongue scraping, tongue cleaning and tongue brushing.

Teens and adults, elevate your oral hygiene routine with the SuperMouth® Triple Action Tongue Cleaner, a vital component in the quest for optimal oral health. Tongue cleaning is an often overlooked but crucial practice for maintaining a healthy mouth, as it can significantly reduce the presence of harmful bacteria and debris that contribute to bad breath, dental decay, and other oral health issues.

Unlike toothbrush bristles, which are designed for the hard, smooth surfaces of enamel, the tongue’s unique structure and soft surface require specialized tools for effective cleaning. This advanced tool is specifically designed to empower you with professional-grade care, featuring innovative features that ensure a thorough clean and fresh feeling.

Embrace this essential tool to maintain optimal oral health and keep your breath fresh every day.

Key Features:

  • Specialized Design Brush: Penetrates the fine crevices of your tongue to remove hidden debris, effectively reaching areas that regular toothbrush bristles can’t.
  • Studded Scrubber: Gently exfoliates the tongue’s surface, promoting a healthier oral environment, ideal for the soft and irregular texture of the tongue.
  • Efficient Scraper: Scoops out bad bacteria, fostering a healthy mouth microbiome and freshening your breath, specifically designed for the delicate ecosystem of the tongue.


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    Q: What is a tongue scraper?

    A: A tongue scraper is a tool designed to clean the surface of the tongue by removing debris and bacteria.

    Q: How does a tongue cleaner work?

    A: A tongue cleaner (also known as a tongue scrubber, tongue scraper, or tongue brush) typically has a curved or flat edge that is gently dragged across the tongue's surface to collect and remove accumulated debris and bacteria.

    Q: Why should I use a tongue scraper?

    A: Tongue scraping helps improve oral hygiene by reducing bacteria on the tongue, fighting bad breath, and promoting overall oral health.

    Q: Do tongue brushes help with bad breath?

    A: Regular use of a tongue brush in oral care can significantly reduce the chances of bad breath by removing the bacteria that contribute to halitosis.

    Q: What makes SuperMouth’s tongue scrapers superior?

    A: SuperMouth’s tongue scrapers are distinct due to their innovative, patented design. Each scraper features a dual-sided approach: one side is equipped with a brush to gently but effectively loosen microbes from the tongue’s surface, which differs significantly from tooth enamel. The other side incorporates a scraper to efficiently remove these loosened microbes. This unique combination ensures that our tongue scrapers are exceptionally effective in maintaining oral hygiene.