Who’s Claiming Your Oral Care Products Work? Because It Matters.

Who’s Claiming Your Oral Care Products Work? Because It Matters.

Having access to a wide range of information (and influence) via the internet, social media, and general media, can be both a blessing and a curse when it comes to selecting oral care products that actually support and serve your mouth’s health. In fact, how did you choose your current toothpaste? Was it the one with the boldest claims and colorful package? Was it on sale? Did you reach for the “natural” one? Did you pick the one your favorite celeb uses? What about if you have a young child with no cavities and an older child with lots of cavities? Did you select the same toothpaste for both? Or did you throw in the towel and let your children choose their own products based on nothing else but the colorful packaging, their favorite characters, or the new flavor? The fact is that most of us don’t give our oral health products a lot of thought, but we should. 

Are Your Oral Care Products Backed By Science? 

Your oral care products should be selected based on science and clinical research, rather than the latest trend or influencer recommendation. When you think about your current mouthcare products — are you getting the results you’re looking for? Are your kids building positive associations with their oral care? Are their mouths healthier? Do they get fewer cavities? The answer to all of these questions should be yes. If it isn’t, well, it might be a sign it’s time for a new set of oral care products for your family. 

The mouth is the gateway to the body — and we’re not just talking about nutrition (although that plays a role too). When you keep this in mind, what we brush, floss, and swish with becomes a much more important decision.

SuperMouth® products:

  • are developed by a team of world-class dentists and medical experts
  • are pH balanced to support the health of the oral microbiome
  • are backed by years of rigorous, ingredient scientific research research
  • use only the safest and most effective ingredients
  • provide a holistic mouthcare system, aiming to contribute to better overall health

The Bottom Line

It’s important to realize that the purpose of your mouthcare products is not just for cleaning teeth, it’s about taking care of the entire ecosystem in your mouth. Beyond offering better, more innovative oral health products completely customized to ages and stages, SuperMouth seeks to educate and inform consumers about the critical importance of oral care in our lives. It is the number one dental health guide for families and provides parents the tools to raise healthier, happier, more successful children.