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Some of the most common oral care questions asked over the years have been related to oral care products. "Is fluoride safe?" "Which toothpaste should we use?" "How do we choose a toothbrush?" "How do we make the kids brush every day?"

Dr. Kami Hoss has worked in dentistry with his wife for 25 years - and he's seen everything. Including how our oral care products aren't working. With over 3.5 billion people worldwide suffering from oral disease and loads of questions regularly coming from parents, it's clear that oral care companies aren't delivering on their products or claims. Thanks to the success of his dental practice — one of the leading group dental practices in the country specializing in pediatric dentistry, orthodontics, and parent dentistry — he also discovered that kids rush to brush if you make mouth care fun. Identifying this need and opportunity, Dr. Kami immediately worked to gather other dental and medical experts, kid experts who have worked with companies like Disney, Nickelodeon, and Pixar, and scoured the planet for the best and most effective ingredients to create products that answered the call for help. Thus, SuperMouth and a mouth care revolution were born.

Unlike other oral care companies that disregard the mouth's connection to overall health and only cater to the teeth (and their appearance), SuperMouth focuses on whole-mouth health while making it a one-stop shop for parents and fun for kids. Our products come in customized system boxes and feature the safest, most effective ingredients (backed by scientific research) to clean, protect, and balance the mouth's natural microbiome. Our superhero characters, ice cream flavors, augmented reality app, toys, comic book, and movie make brushing fun and an adventure. Dentist-created, dentist-recommended, and scientifically-backed, SuperMouth is on the way to making kids' mouths super.

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