join the league

Introducing The League, the first mouthcare club membership - an easy way to access our dentist-invented, science-backed, age-based mouthcare systems and all of the benefits SuperMouth offers with one low monthly fee.

Comprehensive products work together as a system to meet oral health goals.  The products are also fun for kids and full of parent-targeted resources
Customized for every age and risk factor or pregnancy or for those with orthodontics.  All mouthcare plans are created by dentists
Convenient, delivered to your home every 3 months. Always have teh right products for the right age. Automatically adjusts as family members go through various stages
membership benefits

All of our membership levels enjoy these unique benefits, all designed to create life-long healthy habits!

convenient delivery

Our dentist-invented mouthcare systems are delivered to your house every 90 days - ensuring you get the right oral care products at the right time.


Access to the "Dental-tainment Vault" including movies, comic books, music, games, and augmented reality content; all designed to create a positive association with oral care.

parenting resources

Our Parent Resource Library provides access to expert research, tips, blogs, podcasts, webinars, and content to help your family build life-long habits.

discount on accessories

These must-haves include organizers, toothpaste dispensers, floss dispensers, toys and more!

easy cancellation

Cancel anytime. Cancellations are effective three months after each 90-day system is received or after you pay a cancellation fee equal to the balance owed for the previous shipment.

Depending on your membership level, you could enjoy some or all of these benefits

parent success advocate

Questions/advice from a dental professional with 24 hours via email.

tickets to events

We'll add you to our VIP list and save you a spot at our mouthstanding events.

mouthcare lab member

Members give input/feedback into product development.

free shipping

Available with Family Memberships (two or more per household).

To see what membership levels are available, choose your age or stage system:

SuperMouth membership

Our most popular option to access the best science-backed mouthcare with one low monthly membership fee. Save big and get customized products systems every 90 days without paying upfront. Get all the SuperMouth benefits with the plan that is just right for you and your family.

Get the best mouthcare system for every individual in your family customized by dentists and medical experts at the lowest price.

Rest assured that you’re always getting the right oral care products that tailor to your age and risk factors, plus get all the special benefits, including:

  • free shipping
  • your personal parent success advocate
  • family membership perks,
  • extraordinary educational and entertainment content
  • early access to products and limited editions,
  • tickets to events
  • discounts on essential accessories

all for one low monthly price. Choose the plan that fits your needs and budget and let SuperMouth do the rest!

Absolutely! You can cancel anytime, but membership cancellations will be effective 3 months after each 90-day system is received or after you pay a cancellation fee equal to the balance owed for the previous shipment.

Our mouthcare systems are designed to be a 90-day supply.

Each 90 days you will receive a new system with fresh products designed based on individual needs and preferences. We will guide you when it is time to the next aged based system!

You and your family get the best of everything when you join the league!

  • Customized mouthcare systems that are age and risk based, along with concierge service that helps you adjust for your family’s stage of oral development. SuperMouth products are Safe, Unified, Playful, Effective and Reputable

  • Convenience. Always have the right products at the right time, with no worry or hassle. SuperMouth takes care of everything.

  • Peace of mind. Healthy mouths promote healthy bodies. So fun that your kids will look forward to brush time! And SuperMouth has all the right products for every age group so your whole family can benefit from optimal oral health. A happy, healthy family.

  • The best value. Guaranteed best pricing on products, more savings and more money in your pocket.