Flossosaurus Floss Dispenser

Flossosaurus Floss Dispenser

"When a meteorite blasted Flossosaurus from Earth and into the galaxy as an egg, it landed him on Tooth Keri Land 65 million years later, where Bristles and Tooth Keri took him in. As a result, he joined their mission to give kids dino-mite mouthcare and discovered some superpowers of his own that he's eager to share with your little superhero. Flossosaurus' super-strength, expandable floss helps kids lasso over 40% more plaque than standard floss. At night, Flossosaurus glows, igniting his ""amber alert"" which acts as a night-light and guides Tooth Keri and the rest of the SuperMouth Squad to your bathroom.

  • non-toxic, beeswax-based expanding floss
  • floss deposits Hydroxamin™, containing nano-hydroxyapatite, and vitamins K2 and D3, plus PH balanced
  • amber night light supports restful sleep
  • recommended for ages: 3+ years"


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