Bristles Baby Finger Brush
Bristles Baby Finger Brush
Bristles Baby Finger Brush

Bristles Baby Finger Brush

Another super is born! Baby Bristles has officially hatched into the world of mouthcare! To combat baby bottle mouth and crooked teeth from the get-go, baby Bristles flies into the mouths of babes, using their gentle, bristle wings to help fend off all sugar bugs looking to wreak havoc on kids’ developing mouths. To navigate children’s cavernous mouths, Bristles breathes fire in the form of a convenient flashlight, so no tooth is left in the dark. 

  • includes an egg storage base with a mouth flashlight
  • includes one-size-fits-all Baby Bristles finger brush with a built-in bite block to prevent babies from chomping down on fingers
  • recommended for ages: teething-2 years
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This is not a toy. Use this product only for its intended use.

This product contains a non-replaceable battery. Do not temper with the unit. Do not clean the product in the dishwasher. This product contains no user-serviceable parts. The product is not intended to be repaired by service personnel in case of failure or component defect (the unit can be thrown away). Do not open and disassemble the device.

Not recommended for babies with full teeth after two years of age. Before using the finger toothbrush, disinfect the toothbrush first. Put it in boiling water and cook for 3 to 5 minutes. It is not advisable to disinfect for a long time to avoid accelerated aging.

The skin of newborn babies is relatively tender, so when cleaning the baby's gums, wipe them with clean cotton and then gently rub them, like a massage, so that cleaning the gums every day will prevent the growth of bacteria. Dentists and hygienists recommend replacing your finger brush every 1-3 months. Do not clean the brush in the dishwasher. Consult your dentist if excessive bleeding occurs after using this toothbrush or if bleeding continues to occur after one week of use. Also, consult your dentist if you experience discomfort or pain when you use the toothbrush.