Musical Moler Bear
Musical Moler Bear

Musical Moler Bear

Our plush, super soft sweet-tooth sidekick is the perfect snuggle buddy and sleep aid. Your child's furry friend helps lull restless kiddos to sleep with melatonin-activating amber lights, which stay on for 13 minutes — the average amount of time it takes for kids to fall asleep. When the sun rises and it's time to brush in the morning, Moler also plays two SuperMouth songs to inspire boogie brush time and get your kid's day started right!


  • Click the right leg to activate melatonin with amber lights (it stays on for 13 minutes).
  • Click the left leg to play a two-minute SuperMouth song so kids don't rush when they brush. 
  • Give Moler's tag a sniff - kids will love the bubble gum smell. 
  • recommended for ages: 2+ years
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