brush your way to better health

key benefits

  • cleans, protects, and supplements
  • naturally whitens
  • balances the oral microbiome
  • fluoride and non-flouride options
  • antiplaque
  • reduces inflammation
  • reduces sensitivity
  • better compliance

mouthpastes contain our proprietary blend of nano-hydroxypatite and vitamins K2 and D3

no harsh foaming agents or SLS

no artificial colors or flavors

non-GMO, vegan, cruelty-free

no essential oils that can decimate the oral microbiome

speeds up the body's neutralization of pH levels to create a balanced oral microbiome that helps keep disease out and nutrients in

helps feed the good microbes in your mouth to create the healthiest environment for fighting cavities and disease

the same mineral found in our teeth and bones

scientifically-proven to remineralize teeth

works with fluoride to optimize effectiveness

naturally-flavored to taste like ice cream

so delicious your kids will beg to brush

recommended use


when you wake up and before bedtime

brush gently in a circular motion

wait 45 minutes after eating or drinking before brushing


a rice-sized amount for kids under 3

a pea-sized amount for kids between 3-6

kids over 6 can use use more paste if desired


lightly with water or our pH balancing mouthwash with hydroxamin™

don’t rinse too hard as you want a little paste left on the teeth to help with the re-mineralization process