OrthoBrush Manual Toothbrush - Kit Item
OrthoBrush Manual Toothbrush - Kit Item
OrthoBrush Manual Toothbrush - Kit Item

OrthoBrush Manual Toothbrush - Kit Item

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Discover the world's first manual toothbrush specifically engineered for orthodontic care: the OrthoBrush Manual Toothbrush by SuperMouth. Leveraging the same groundbreaking technology used in our adult and kids' brushes, this toothbrush is a marvel of innovation and precision. After meticulously scanning thousands of teeth with braces, we've crafted bristles that uniquely adapt to and effectively clean around brackets and wires. This advanced design addresses the higher risk of cavities and decalcifications - those permanent white or brown marks that can form around brackets if not cleaned thoroughly.

Our OrthoBrush is more than just a toothbrush; it's a proactive step in maintaining impeccable oral health for those with braces. The bristles, a never-before-seen invention, glide effortlessly around orthodontic appliances, ensuring a clean that's both deep and gentle. This toothbrush isn't just a necessity for orthodontic care; it's a breakthrough in dental hygiene technology.

  • World's first orthodontic-specific manual toothbrush.
  • Patent-pending bristles crafted for braces, cleaning around brackets and wires.
  • Scanned thousands of orthodontic teeth for a perfect, tailored fit.
  • Reduces the risk of cavities and decalcifications in orthodontic patients.
  • Gentle yet effective cleaning for optimal orthodontic oral hygiene.