with Hydroxamin

Don't let mouth villains slip through the cracks!
You wouldn't brush your teeth without toothpaste, why would you floss without beneficial ingredients? Our mouthfloss expands, removing 40% more plaque than standard floss while depositing minerals and vitamins ensuring no corner of the mouth goes unprotected.

key benefits

  • cleans, protects, and supplements
  • delivers remineralization in between teeth
  • balances the oral microbiome
  • antiplaque
  • reduces inflammation
  • reduces sensitivity

is fluoride or non-fluoride right for my family?

hydroxamin™ non-fluoride

For younger children who do not have a diet high in sugar or processed carbs and are at lower risk of cavities and bleeding gums.

hydroxamin™ with fluoride

Recommended for older kids with a high risk of cavities, bleeding gums, and a diet high in processed carbs, sugar, and/or acidic drinks.

What's your floss game?

fun flavors kids love
mouthstanding ingredients
mouthstanding ingredients
  • our patent-pending flosser design is curved to reach back teeth easily
  • our flossers exclude the expanding technology; they use a thicker floss that better tackles plaque on young kids with larger spaces between their teeth

the only floss products for kids fortified with essential ingredients:

  • nano-hydroxyapatite
  • vitamins K2 and D3
  • Erythritol
  • Xylitol

xylitol and erythritol helps feed the good microbes in your mouth to create the healthiest environment for fighting cavities and disease

expands in between teeth to remove 40% more plaque than standard floss

our teflon-free floss glides smoothly between your teeth with the magic of beeswax

  • naturally-flavored to taste like ice cream
  • so delicious your kids will beg to floss