with Hydroxamin

Don't let mouth villains slip through the cracks!
You wouldn't brush your teeth without toothpaste, why would you floss without beneficial ingredients? Our mouthfloss containing minerals and vitamins and expands, removing 40% more plaque than standard floss.

key benefits

  • cleans
  • removes plaque
  • reduces tooth decay

is fluoride or non-fluoride right for my family?

hydroxamin™ non-fluoride

For younger children who do not have a diet high in sugar or processed carbs and are at lower risk of cavities and bleeding gums.

hydroxamin™ with fluoride

Recommended for older kids with a high risk of cavities, bleeding gums, and a diet high in processed carbs, sugar, and/or acidic drinks.

What's your floss game?

fun flavors kids love
mouthstanding ingredients
mouthstanding ingredients

our proprietary blend of hydroxyapatite, including its nano-form, which closely mimics the structure of natrual enamel, Vitamin D3, and Vitamin K2. This blend is included in all our toothpastes, mouthwashes, and flosses.

  • flossers for kids: our patent pending flossers are curved to reach back teath
  • floss for kids and adults: expanding technology infused with key toothpaste ingredients
  • OrthoFloss: built-in threaders, expanding technology, thicker to clean around brackets and wires
  • cylindrical floss: perfect fir in Flossosaurus' backpack for an unforgettable experience

the only floss products with essential ingredients:

  • nano-hydroxyapatite
  • vitamins K2 and D3
  • Xylitol

our teflon-free floss glides smoothly between your teeth with the magic of beeswax

expands in between teeth to remove 40% more plaque than standard floss

  • naturally-flavored to taste like ice cream
  • so delicious your family will beg to floss