The Super Dentists

The Largest, Most Trusted and Top Awarded Pediatric Dentistry, Orthodontics and Parent Dentist in San Diego What’s it like to have kids who love going to the dentist? Visit The Super Dentists in San Diego and you’ll know. From the second you step into our theme park design offices, you’re someplace special with an accomplished, professional pediatric and orthodontic dental crew that cares about your kids.

Build Your Mouthcare Plan

SuperMouth offers a wide range of systems to fit everyone’s needs. Answer a couple questions to build your SuperMouth Mouthcare plan and let us do the rest.

Why SuperMouth?

It’s important to realize that the purpose of your mouth care products is not just cleaning teeth, it’s about taking care of the entire ecosystem of the body, from the outside in. Beyond offering better, more innovative oral health products completely customized to ages and stages, SuperMouth seeks to educate and inform consumers about the critical importance of oral care in our lives. It is the number one dental health guide for families and provides parents the tools to raise healthier, happier, more successful children.

The First Oral Care System

The oral care systems at SuperMouth are age based and specifically formulated to address all areas of your oral health. You deserve the best of SuperMouth is here to help you get there.

Fun and Amazing Products

Your oral care products should be selected based on science and clinical research, rather than the latest trend. When you think about your current mouth care products — are you getting the results you’re looking for? Are your kids building positive associations with their oral care? Are their mouths healthier? Do they get fewer cavities? The answer to all of these questions should be yes. If it isn’t, well, it might be a sign it’s time for a new set of oral care products for your family.